Nick Longo Music

Performing a restaurant gig in Atlanta with Matt Wauchope, Adam Shumaker, and Jonathan Lloyd.Performing with Jon Liebman, Aaron Trubic, Darren Stanley, and my 'Pops', John Longo, on tenor.
Northside Tavern in Atlanta.On stage at the 2010 Atlanta Jazz Festival with 'Marea Alta'.Saxophonist, Ryan Whitehead, sits in with my band at 'The Library Coffee Company' in Atlanta.'Pops' performing with me and Jon Liebman at a corporate function in Atlanta.
My quartet at 'Rays on the River' in Atlanta--with Bradford, Billy Wilkie, and Derryl Rivers.My band performing at Callonwolde's 'Summer Jazz on the Lawn' series in Atlanta.Another performance at the famed Northside Tavern in Atlanta.Performing with my band at a 'Wednesdays at Woodruff' concert at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.At Carerre Music in Atlanta waiting on my horn to be 'tweaked' by Sam Skelton. Supervising is my son, Vinny, the light of my life!Being interviewed by host, Suchita Vadlamani, on FOX 5 during a television performance on 'Good Day Atlanta'.Another performance with 'SOLID STATE' at Callonwolde's Summer Jazz Series.My beautiful wife, Carol--taken during a recent Christmas. Enjoying some great 'eats' prepared by band leader, Jeni Michelson, during a break on a private gig.
My band performing at 'Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint' in downtown Atlanta.Spending time with Carol in New York.On a gig in Panama City  Beach, Florida.Oh man... another picture without a sax hangin' out of my mouth!
Performing with 'SOLID STATE' at the Innman Park Festival in Atlanta.My band performing at Sambuca Jazz Club in Atlanta.My Family!
At Northside Tavern with Jon Liebman's band, along with my 'Pops', and my business partner, Karen Greene. Before a photo shoot.Yes, it does snow in Atlanta once in awhile. With Carol and our dog, Cookie.